Tekken 8 eddy First DLC Fighter in Season Pass 1 confirmed

Does the trailer for Tekken 8 reveal Eddy Gordo as the first DLC fighter after showcasing the epic opening cinematic?

The trailer, after a grand opening, reveals Eddy Gordo as Tekken 8's debut DLC fighter, a fixture in the series since Tekken 3.

Eddy Gordo's inclusion in Tekken 8 as the initial DLC character aligns with the leaked roster that purportedly unveiled all fighters featured in the inaugural Season Pass.

Tekken 8 eddy

In Tekken 8, Eddy Gordo returns as a DLC fighter, maintaining his status as a series mainstay since his debut in Tekken 3.

While the trailer doesn't provide a precise date for Eddy's arrival in Tekken 8, it hints at a Spring 2024 release window for his debut.

Official date for when eddy is going to join the Tekken 8?

The trailer implies that a recent leak revealing the first DLC character for Tekken 8 also likely disclosed all four fighters included in the initial Season Pass.

Are there any other characters joining eddy? Who are they?

The leak, which mentioned Eddy Gordo, also predicted the inclusion of Armour King, Roger, and newcomer Xiao Men. With Gordo's confirmation, it seems the leak was accurate.