Super Mario 64 Gorgeous Remake Confirmed

In the mid-90s, SEGA, Nintendo, and PlayStation vied for gaming dominance. Sonic, Mario, and PlayStation were big, but today it's all about Nintendo's mascot.

In 1996, Super Mario 64 changed the game by bringing Mario into 3D, becoming a beloved classic. Re-released on Nintendo DS in 2004 and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

How did Super Mario 64 revolutionize gaming?

BradleyisGone's remake of Super Mario 64 impresses, capturing childhood nostalgia with stunning visuals, despite early-stage animations.

The fan-made Super Mario 64 remake may face legal issues from Nintendo. Though playable on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, it's not in 3D All-Stars due to its timed release.

Will Nintendo allow the fan-made Mario 64 remake?

Gaming's evolution includes live services, microtransactions, and rising costs. While acknowledging progress, some pine for the simpler days of gaming's past.

Nintendo Switch adds 3 new free games you can download today

Amazing Hebereke is a top-down beat 'em up on SNES, supporting four players. Super R-Type is a side-scrolling shooter with intense action and challenging bosses.

Which SNES game features intense side-scrolling action?

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