Steps to Unlock More Combat Styles in Rise of the Ronin

Team Ninja's Rise of the Ronin offers exciting combat but keeps the open world simple.

Encounter diverse enemies with distinct fighting styles? 

After confirming their character build, players can explore Rise of the Ronin's world. Along the way, they'll face enemies with diverse fighting styles.

Rise of the Ronin links combat styles to weapons. With nine choices, players have freedom. Blade Sharpening Origin suggests best-suited weapons. 

What Are Combat Styles In Rise of the Ronin

Equipping Katana as Primary Weapon reveals nine combat styles. Some locked, some open for use.

To unlock Nodachi Jigen-ryu, improve bond with Gonzo. Gift items and complete missions together.

How To Unlock More Combat Styles In Rise of the Ronin

To unlock Oxtail Blade's Kihetai Style, bond with Shinsaku Takasugi or defeat Green-Eye Sanzaemon in Hodogaya.

Progress through the story to unlock new combat styles, taking longer but avoiding extra side quests.

The last known method of unlocking new combat styles

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