Steam's April Surprise – Grab These 7 Free Titles Now

Check out this racing sim with good reviews, but remember, it's still in Early Access, so there might be some rough spots.

7. Motorbike Evolution 2024 -

Imagine Fallout meets Waterworld, but with plenty of first-person shooter action on the high seas.

6. Age Of Water: The First Voyage -

Think of it as a retro-style football game. It's not quite FIFA, but then again, FIFA isn't quite FIFA anymore either.

5. Charuca Soccer -

4. Palia -  

Picture Stardew Valley mixed with Animal Crossing for those cozy gaming vibes. But heads up, reviews are mixed at the moment.

A multiplayer shooter with toy soldiers in a house setting. Still in beta, so don't expect perfection.

3. Battle Room -

Another simulation game puts you in the boots of a forest ranger.

2. Forest Ranger Simulator -

It's a social deduction game, like Among Us meets Resident Evil, but not as good as either.

1. Deceit 2 -

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