Steam drops free banger for you to download and keep forever

1. BladeBound:

Begin an epic quest in BladeBound, a free-to-play RPG. Master elemental powers, craft legendary gear, and battle formidable foes in the realm.

Summon Masters:

It is a fair online turn-based strategy card game, allowing players to create their own decks with various cards for free battles.

A magical odyssey through islands in the sky where you soar gracefully and eventually even bend gravity itself to your will

Dream of the Star Haven:

Mad World - Age of Darkness:

Classic MMORPGs but with unique art and grotesqueness. Fight alongside your friends to take down strong enemies.


Play as M.A.R.S (Machine of Absolute Retaliation and Safeguard), a robot programmed to exterminate the faithless aliens

Toribash Next:

Is the sequel to Toribash, the award-winning turn-based sandbox fighting game