Steam Drops 9 New Games for a Weekend of Gaming Delight

1. Skyclimbers

A multiplayer city-building RPG that takes place in a procedurally generated universe inspired by anime visuals.

2. Omega Crafter

It's an new survival game that gives you a programmable robot to help you with building, fighting, and material gathering.

3. Backpack Battles

If you are searching for PvP puzzler game, Backpack Battles ends your search here.

4. Shapez 2

It's an factory-building sim that allows you to build sprawling, automated factories that are pleasing to the eye and the  brain.

5. Balatro

Imagine Poker mixed with Slay the Spire and you’re on track, If deckbuilding is more your speed, why not try out Balatro .

6. Dragon Quest Builders 2

It's a delightful city builder mixed in with traditional JRPG tropes. You don’t need to play the first part to enjoy this charming adventure.

7. Stick It to the Stickman.

A roguelike brawler game where you control a stickman who kicks, punches and slams his way through crowds..