Steam $100 Free Store Credit Up for Grabs! if you’re quick

All about $100 steam giveaway

Steam users can currently enter a free giveaway where one winner will walk away with $100 in credit to spend on the site.

However that’s very hard to do when stellar games just keep on releasing.

With starting the year with the best of intentions, vowing to cut down on our video gaming spends in order to finally tackle our backlogs.

It feels wrong to address said backlog when you’re falling behind on the latest releases

It feels erroneous to address said backlog when you’re falling behind on the latest releases, but what if you could catch those latest releases using some free credit?

Here are few steps to follow if you want to get involved

Follow @ZeNfAGames and @LonerVaultBoy on Twitter. Then, you need to wishlist and follow Rocket! over on Steam and post proof in the form of a screenshot.

Then, download the free Rocket! demo on Steam, and reply to the giveaway tweet “with a photo/screenshot of your Game Over score of 250,000 OR greater on Cadet Mode.

When is the giveaway going to end?

All five entry requirements must be met and the giveaway closes on 17 February so do get involved while you can.

when the game is going to release? And a quick overview.

Rocket! is due to launch on 19 February.Rocket! is a bullet hell arcade shooter that tasks you with using your skills to survive an “onslaught of asteroids, enemies [and] black holes”.