Stardew Valley's Fair Wheel Trick - Complete Guide

In Stardew Valley, having more gold lets you buy better farm stuff. But don't worry, you can also get items without spending gold.

What activity can players enjoy at the Stardew Valley Fair in the fall? 

During the Stardew Valley Fair in the fall, players can enjoy activities like the Fair Wheel. It's a fun event where you can participate in various activities and games.

The Stardew Valley Fair happens on Fall 16 every year. Just go to Pelican Town between 9 am and 3 pm to join. You'll find a Spinning Wheel there. 

How to Do the Fair Wheel Trick in Stardew Valley

But as we said, you can use the Fair Wheel trick in Stardew Valley, which is to double your bet after a loss.

How to Spend Tokens on Stardew Valley Fair

– Dried Sunflowers - 100 Token – Pepper Poppers - 250 Token – Triple Shot Espresso - 400 Token

– Light Green Rug - 500 Token – Fedora - 500 Token – 100 Hay - 500 Token

– 24 Mixed Seeds - 1000 Token – Glowstone Ring - 1000 Token – Stardrop - 2000 Token

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