Solve Skull and Bones Red Isle, Red Reef treasure map and find Caradec's Bounty

An early missions working for Scurlock in Skull and Bones involves solving a Red Isle treasure map to find Caradec's Bounty.

Where to go?

You'll need to head to the south of the map near the bottom of the main collections of islands.

On the left hand-side is an area called Reef Sea, although you won't see anything called Red Isle.

don't panic

Instead, move to the right until you meet the coastline and here's where you'll find the Royal Burial Ground outpost. 

Head there, and go ashore. 

Once on land, it can be a bit of a daunting task trying to find the exact spot for the buried treasure

From where your boat lands on the shore, head up the steps in front of you and slightly to your right.

At the top you'll see a big bushy palm plant, and head just to its right.