Skyrim's Player Unlocks Secret Ending After 1,000 Hours, No Mods

A Skyrim player found a hidden quest ending. Fans are still enjoying Skyrim while waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI.

Some Skyrim players have completed every aspect of the game after investing countless hours. Despite its depth, there are still secrets to uncover, like a hidden ending to one quest.

Unearthed the secret Skyrim ending yet?

A Skyrim player with 1,000 hours found a new sapling to replace the Gildergreen tree in Whiterun, a quest known for restoring it with sap from its parent tree.

Player found new sapling for Gildergreen tree?

A Reddit post revealed an alternate ending to the Eldergleam sanctuary quest in Skyrim. By following Maurice's lead, players can save everyone, with minor dialogue changes in Whiterun.

Bethesda excels in creating memorable NPCs in The Elder Scrolls series. Whether loved or loathed, fans have unforgettable characters like Oblivion's Adoring Fan.

Skyrim player finds happy alternate ending for Paarthurnax, no mods needed

Released in 2011, Skyrim became Bethesda's biggest RPG with a vast world and countless quests. Players still discover new secrets today.

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