Skull And Bones Sea People Relic Treasure Map Guide

One of your first major quests outside of Sainte-Anne in Skull and Bones takes place with the Sea People.

Following the Sea People Relic treasure map

After you accept the quest to find the Sea People Relic, called "Relics of the Past," make sure you track it in your quest log.

Once this is done, you can press RT/R2/X to bring up your quest log in-game.

you need to travel to Fort Louis on the Tenina Coast to find the buried treasure left behind by the Sea People.

This settlement is located at the very bottom of your map on the southern tip of the Tenina Coast.

As soon as you step off your boat, go straight and then turn left at the stone wall. You should see some wooden planks in the sand

At this location, you'll see a glowing orange light coming out of the sand. Go here and you'll get a prompt to "Dig Up Item,"

What do we get after digging?