Skull And Bones Guide to Hunting Shark, Fish, and Animal

You'll be able to hunt, cook, and eat all of the food you could want.

Hunting sharks and fish in Skull and Bone

The two most common sea enemies you'll find while sailing your ship in Skull and Bones are sharks and fish.

While sailing back and forth between your first couple of objectives, you'll likely be attacked by a shark or two

How to hunt

To hunt a shark or fish, all you need to do is press the aim button when sailing your ship. If you're in the starting raft you get for free.

The aim button brings up a crosshair that shows you where you'll throw a spear/shoot a cannonball. When you're ready to release the ammunition into the body of a shark or fish.

Hunting other animals in Skull and Bone

Crocodiles are found near the shorelines across the map and they're slightly easier to kill than sharks, as they can't move as quickly.