SimCity 4 Mod Gives the Classic Game a Modern Twist 21 Years Later

New mod for SimCity 4 adds 3D camera, giving game fresh look. Shows game's lasting appeal after 21+ years.

Is SimCity 4 still a top city-builder?

SimCity 4, launched in 2003, is praised for its depth, realism, and modding community, maintaining its status as a top city-building game over the years.

Steam API data from early April 2024 shows hundreds of daily players enjoying SimCity 4, affirming its sustained popularity and enduring appeal.

The add-on has been widely shared on social media since early April, receiving praise from fans. Hundreds have downloaded it in just the past week.

SimCity 4 Fans Thought 3D Camera Mod Was An April Fools' Joke

Despite initial skepticism, the custom-made 3D camera plugin faced doubts upon its release on April 1st by Memo.

Install Memo's SimCity 4 3D Camera Mod by downloading and extracting files to your game directory. Enable the mod in-game and follow instructions for 3D camera controls.

How To Install and Use Memo's SimCity 4 3D Camera Mod

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