Sea Of Thieves coming to PS5, Switch, And Epic Release

As every Xbox fan and gamer is aware of by now, this week could mark a huge shift for Xbox and its approach to exclusives.

What are the rumours going around about the game?

Over the last few months, it's been rumoured that a number of its games are coming to other platforms including Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, and Sea of Thieves.

It seems like it's already comfortable with teasing, A Valentine's Day poem was shared that is pretty obviously hinting towards the game coming to other platforms.

What was the Valentine's Day poem shared by the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account ?

The poem reads :

"Rowboats are red, and sometimes they're blue, other times they're green, occasionally they can be white... Wait, where were we going with this?".

Although usually this might just seem like a weird hint towards new sails colours or something .

What can we consider after reading the tweet?

Considering the rumours that have been prevalent across all of 2024 so far, it's more likely a not-so-subtle hint at Sea of Thieves coming to other consoles.

What is the most likely hint to grasp from the tweet?

"Rowboats are red", which is likely a hint at Sea of Thieves coming to Nintendo Switch, as red is the main colour associated with Nintendo.