Rocket League New Season Time Confirmed. Check season 14 start date.

Rocket League players are revving up for the season's finale! As the end approaches, excitement builds for season rewards and the fresh batch of cosmetics awaiting in the next season.

When does Rocket League Season 14 kick off?

Rocket League Season 14 has launched! Update your game now and dive into the new AquaDome!  Rocket League Season 14 begins from March 6 to June 5.

When does Rocket League Season 13 end?

Rocket League Season 13 ends on March 6, 2024. As the season draws to a close, players can look forward to earning various rewards based on their ranks.

What awaits us in the upcoming season?

In Rocket League Season 14, the AquaDome makes a return with a fresh twist. Expect revamped audio and a slightly altered location within the shallows.

Season 14's Rocket Pass Premium offers players two brand-new cars and a plethora of fresh cosmetics to enjoy!