Rise of the Ronin Tips and Tricks: 7 Essential Things to Know Before You Start

Transmog is a thing

Transmog, absent initially in Rise of the Ronin, allows outfit customization akin to Team Ninja's past games.

There's a way to reveal every icon on the map

Unlocking all map icons in Rise of the Ronin involves exploration, completing quests, and utilizing specific abilities or items to reveal hidden locations.

Red barrels can only be destroyed by the Fire Pipe

Conspicuous red barrel inside building suggests rifle shooting for destruction. Instead Fire Pipe, unlocked via Bond mission, is needed for barrel destruction.

You can revisit past missions and alter your choice

In Edo, Chapter One's end, You gain the Testament of the Soul. It's stored in the Longhouse, allowing replay of past missions and altering previous choices.

Cats serve a purpose beyond being cute

Cats aid in stealth, distraction, or provide valuable clues and insights, enhancing gameplay beyond their adorable appearance.

You can get one of the best combat skills early on

Purchase Rapid Assassinations early from Dexterity skill tree, enhancing it with Ranged Cowering Effect (Assassination), regardless of playstyle preference.

Detector item reveals enemies through walls.

Give books to inventor Igashichi Iizuka to unlock detector device, aiding in locating enemies obscured by obstacles with high-pitched sound.