Rise of the Ronin: Dive of the Ronin Trophy Guide

Rise of the Ronin offers a big world in ancient Japan with lots to explore and do. Players can spend many hours uncovering all its secrets.

How to Get the Dive of the Ronin Trophy in Rise of the Ronin

To use the Glider, find Kiyomizudera Temple first. Head southeast to the Higashiyama region to locate it.

1. Locate a high point or cliff edge in the game world. 2. Position your character near the edge. 3. Activate the dive ability (usually a specific button or key).

4. Dive off the edge and perform a mid-air maneuver, such as a flip or twist. 5. Successfully land the dive without crashing or taking damage.

6. Activate the Veiled Banner, and proceed to leap off the edge and start gliding. The trophy will pop after a short while of gliding.

There will also be a story mission that will take place in the area, so players can also wait until then to discover the spot.

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