Resident Evil 2 is now on Game Pass and gets better.

For the horror-hostile, Resident Evil 2 is not for the faint of heart. The remake is bloody and gory.

Resident evil 2 was originally released more than 25 years ago and the remake and original both were an masterpiece.

The game is full of shocking moments and well-earned jump scares.

The game sometimes can be a little bit of choosy. what do we mean by this?

Players have the option of starting the game as either Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield.

Then, after beating it, playing through a more condensed version of the story as the other character.

This allows us to visit new areas, encounter different characters and fill in gaps in the game’s story. Every opyion we choose may give us a new storyline.

But don’t just play the Resident Evil 2 remake to completion, I recommend playing it through to its end again And again.