Recruiting Hilda in Unicorn Overlord: Step-by-Step Guide

Hilda is a top-tier recruit in "Unicorn Overload." She's a wyvern you meet early on in Drakenhold.

How to easily recruit Hilda in Unicorn Overlord

To recruit Hilda in Unicorn Overload, you need to advance far enough in the story to start the Champion of Order quest line.

1. Once you've talked to Primm completely in Unicorn Overload, she'll ask you to take her to her sister.

2. To find Hilda in Unicorn Overload, you'll face many enemy swarms. Ensure you have Primm in your party to recruit Hilda; she won't join otherwise.

3. Getting to Hilda in Unicorn Overload won't be easy. She's surrounded by enemies, so you'll need to navigate through several encounters to reach her.

4. Upon reaching Hilda in Unicorn Overload, she'll challenge you to a tough battle as a Wyvern Knight. You'll need all your tricks to win.