Ratchet And Clank ps4 best trophy guide

Ratchet and clank ps4 trophy guide 

The Ratchet and Clank series began in 2002 on PlayStation 2. This PS4 remake includes over an hour of extra cutscenes for added depth.

Necessary cheat codes:

Infinite Ammo cheat: Activating this cheat prevents from weapon experience gain, halting progress for the Maximising Potential and Master of War trophies.

(In both cases, disabling the cheat allows you to resume progress for these trophies as usual.)

Using the Invincibility cheat stops Ratchet from gaining experience, halting progress for Mr. Fancypants.

A Walkthrough:

You can Choose any difficulty Easy, Normal, or Hard as none of the trophies are tied to them. This applies to both regular play and Challenge Mode.

In Challenge Mode, all collectibles and progress carry over from your first playthrough, except story-related items like Gadgets.

After finishing your initial playthrough, you'll need to do a second full playthrough known as Challenge Mode to unlock the platinum trophy.

You can revisit planets and locations at any time after unlocking them. While most trophies are backtrackable, the 4 missable ones require starting a third playthrough if you've missed them.