Princess Peach: Showtime - A Review of the Magical Experience

Captain Toad hunts for treasure, Luigi chases ghosts, and Wario makes cash from mini-games.

What would Princess Peach do in a spinoff of her own? 

In Princess Peach: Showtime!, Peach is like a superhero called Mighty Peach who saves the world from aliens. She can basically do anything!

Peach is Mighty Peach, a superhero saving the world, and Figure Skater Peach, dazzling on ice in Disney On Ice.

Showtime! happens in the Sparkle Theater, a popular spot in the Mushroom Kingdom for actors and theater lovers.


Changes things up by swapping out the usual Mario enemies for Grape and her wicked gang, the Sour Bunch.

What makes "Showtime!" different in Mario's world?

In Showtime!, Peach is always in the spotlight, with nighttime levels featuring handmade wooden set-like backgrounds.