Pokemon Go Trick: Catch Galarian Zapdos with Just a Poke Ball!

Don't overlook the potential of a Poke Ball; a fortunate Pokémon Go player caught a Galarian Zapdos using an incredible technique accessible to all.

Pokemon Go Plus+ : Accessory

For Pokémon Go players, the Pokémon Go Plus+ is a valuable accessory with its auto-catch feature, though it exclusively works with regular Poké Balls.

A Reddit post showcased a Pokémon Go player's impressive catch from an Adventure Incense, featuring a Galarian Zapdos caught solely with a Poké Ball.

Many are curious about the technique; one inquiry was about a reliable auto-catcher.

What’s a good auto catcher? 

The original poster responded, recommending the Poké Ball Plus+, stating it works well in their opinion.

The capture of a Galarian Zapdos using only a Poké Ball and the Pokémon Go Plus+ is surprising, yet not beyond the realm of possibility given its power.

Indeed, it highlights the utility of the accessory, which extends to tracking sleep in Pokémon Sleep.

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