Persona 3 Reload's Top 7 Almighty Skills Revealed

7. Virus Breath

Virus Breath a worthwhile investment for players with a penchant for boosting the effects of Ailments.

6. Rebellion Blade

Rebellion Blade that can make Loki quite a heavy-hitter in terms of Almighty damage.

A unique multi-hit attack with the Almighty classification. When cast, Cosmic Flare deals Almighty Damage to all enemies.

5. Cosmic Flare

4. Sinful Shell

Using Sinful Shell will cost 66 SP, but it deals Massive Almighty damage to all foes.

3. Megidola

In the case of Almighty damage, Megidola can serve this purpose for a manageable 65 SP.


Megidolaon is a worthwhile investment as its 85 SP cost does come with a destructive attack that deals Massive Almighty Damage to all enemies on the battlefield.

Ghastly Wail

Ghastly Wail becomes a must-have for teams, especially if their Personas are already capable of inflicting Fear on opponents.