Palworld Finally Adding New Mode Fans Wanted

Palworld is getting a free update with a requested game mode later this year, but its playerbase has dropped recently.

Despite losing players, Palworld still has fans. The developer, Pocket Pair, announced a new update, but it's not a PlayStation 5 port as some hoped.

Will Palworld's new update revive player interest?

Palworld's official Twitter announced an upcoming update with a PvP mode, enabling players and their pals to battle online for glory or fun.

Is Palworld's PvP arena mode a wise choice?

Palworld's PvP will be in team-based arena battles to prevent griefers. The mode is coming later than expected, as corrected by the official Twitter page.

Palworld's latest update on Steam introduces Bellanoir, the first raid boss. Alongside, it brings various fixes to enhance the game's quality of life.

Palworld drops free download packed with new content and fixe

– New Training Manual items have been added. These manuals allow you to give experience points to Pals.

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