Palworld Coming to PlayStation 5: What We Know So Far

Palworld remains the standout success of the year thus far. This survival crafting adventure has already attracted a staggering 19 million players worldwide.

What vision did Xbox president Sarah Bond share with employees?

During an internal meeting, Xbox president Sarah Bond conveyed the company's future vision by stating that "every screen is an Xbox" to employees.

While this is by no means concrete proof that Palworld is coming to PlayStation 5, we cannot simply ignore that

Palworld cut content and new features to arrive in future update

Dexerto reported that Reddit user Unhappy_Panic_1875 pointed out that Palworld's original trailer includes about 20 features.

Palworld developer confirms anti-cheat solution is coming

While Palworld is facing issues with online cheaters, developer PocketPair has devised a strategy to combat them.

Despite concerns over its likeness to the Pokémon franchise, Palworld has enjoyed remarkable success.