One Piece: What Was Catarina Devon Doing on Egghead?

The Egghead arc in One Piece has been super exciting! It's full of surprises that fans love. We've seen some of the toughest characters in action, making it a big hit with viewers.

Why Did Catarina Devon Travel To Egghead Island?

The Blackbeard Pirates are super efficient, tackling the toughest jobs quickly. And their captain, Blackbeard, has been scheming since before the time skip.

Catarina Devon joined the Blackbeard Pirates during an attack on a Devil Fruit user. Since the time skip, the crew has been hunting down and collecting Devil Fruits.

Catarina Devon touched Jaygarcia Saturn with Van Augur's Wapu Wapu no Mi, potentially world-changing despite seeming small.

Getting What They Want

Blackbeard's Plan

No doubt, it was Blackbeard's plan to send Catarina Devon and Van Augur to Egghead Island. He knew about Saturn and saw it as an opportunity to benefit himself.

With Catarina Devon able to transform into Saturn, she can effortlessly infiltrate World Government facilities and access highly classified information.

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