One Piece Manga: April and May 2024 Schedule Unveiled

One Piece fans waited patiently during a long break from the series. Oda, the creator, took this time off to rest and recharge.

Oda's breaks usually aren't too long, and now it's time for One Piece to come back. Fans might be curious about the series' schedule once it returns.

What's One Piece's schedule after the hiatus?

Fans understand Oda's pattern: he takes a week off every three weeks to plan the story and rest, ensuring both quality and his well-being.

One Piece's Long Hiatu

One Piece's Return – Chapter 1112

One Piece paused at chapter 1111, showing the Five Elders facing Luffy, while the Straw Hat Pirates and Vegapunks got ready to leave the island.

One Piece returns with chapter 1112 on April 21, 2024. Fans anticipate an exciting chapter, likely featuring the Straw Hat Pirates' escape plan in action.

One Piece chapter 1113 is expected around April 28, 2024, likely continuing the Egghead arc as it still has more to unfold before concluding.

One Piece Chapter 1113

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