One Piece Episode 1100: Epic Showdown Between Rob Lucci and Luffy

Rob Lucci and CP0 got stuck outside Egghead Island. Pythagoras told them to go, and they surprisingly agreed.

Vegapunk's Plea

Vegapunk told Luffy the World Government wanted him dead, so he wanted to escape to the sea with Luffy's help.

Lucci's group began their search. Excited, Kaku tried entering the Frontier Dome alone but was stopped by lasers. Before they could proceed, Atlas showed up, ready to teach them a lesson.

Luffy, seeing Atlas' condition, became furious. Fans know Luffy will do anything for someone who feeds him, so he'll surely seek vengeance for Atlas.

Luffy vs Lucci Round 3

Release Date

Episode 1100 of One Piece, titled "Powers on a Different Level! Luffy vs. Lucci!", will air on April 7th, 2024. It's evident that the episode will focus on the battle between Lucci and Luffy.

Luffy is generally considered more powerful than Lucci. However, Lucci is still a formidable opponent, known for his incredible speed and strength.

Who Is Stronger?

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