Nintendo Puts a Stop to Previews of Palworld's Unofficial Pokémon Mod

Nintendo issued a DMCA takedown to the creator of a viral Palworld Pokémon mod on Tuesday .

The developer behind the mod, a YouTuber with name ToastedShoes, shared a video but Nintendo shut him down .

So, what did he do in the video ? And what is Palworld all  about?

It is a game where players can collect Pokémon-like creatures and put them to work. An multiplayer adventure where you hunt and work to survive.

It’s been less than a week since release but game became a huge success .

ToastedShoes a youtuber took the Pokémon comparisons to a new level with a mod that adds actual Pokémon to the game.

Palworld's gameplay is very different from an actual Pokémon game: It also contains a blend of elements from a variety of genres.

The original video shared on X was quickly removed, but ToastedShoes continued to host a preview clip of the mod on their YouTube channel.

The creator also said he wants to release the mod to the public for free, but that he and his team plan to “tread lightly,” given that Nintendo issued a DMCA to the first video.