New Update Enables Kingdom Come Deliverance Multiplayer Mod

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is already an immersive game, and adding multiplayer capabilities could take it to a whole new level of enjoyment.

kingdom come deliverance multiplayer mod 

There's a new update for Kingdom Come: Deliverance that sets the stage for a multiplayer mode.

About kingdom come deliverance multiplayer mod 

The players ride the players together through medieval Bohemia and visit the forests and villages of the game world.

While it's not fully functional yet, it's a big step towards letting players enjoy the game together.

kingdom come deliverance multiplayer mod  interpreter

With the game's interpreter supporting Lua scripting, modders have the ability to inject Lua code, which opens up a world of possibilities for customization

This capability could lead to some really creative and innovative mods in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.