New Cars and Café Menus in  Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.42

Gran Turismo 7 arrived on Wednesday, January 24th at 11:00pm . Let’s take a look at what’s new.

All about Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.42* arrival

There are three new cars

1. BVLGARI Aluminum Vision Gran Turismo- It is a digital concept car inspired by the iconic BVLGARI Aluminum watch from 1998 and shares the same spirit .

The barchetta body style is an archetype of sportiness which expresses dynamic movement, lightness, and performance.

2. Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept- This car's design language is pure and muscular with the volumes centered around the wheels.

Sports Genesis’ new front fascia that abstracts the crest grille and links it with the quad lights, structuring and connecting the volumes from front to rear with the two-line brand identifier.

3. Suzuki Jimny XC ’18- The Jimny is a cross-country style 4WD model that has been produced by Suzuki since 1970.

While there have been variants in each generation that crossed over into the compact car class, the mainstay of the series is the ‘kei’ model.

What Café / Extra Menu have been added

– Extra Menu No. 34: ‘Nissan Motorsports‘ (Collector Level 46 and above) – Extra Menu No. 35: ‘Dodge’(Collector Level 32 and above)

New events have also been added, such as:

World Circuits (Event) A brand-new race event, the Jimny Cup has been added to World Circuits along with new Vision Gran Turismo Trophy races for 2 tracks.

Scape Service Area and Turn the Camera Vertically have been added to featured Scapes.