Nasa Ttrpg launched What's new in Nasa's table top game - The Lost Universe

NASA has launched a new tabletop RPG that's both educational and a sci-fi/fantasy adventure with magic and dragons.

What would happen if the Hubble Space Telescope disappeared?  

It’s a simple premise and one that hides the complex backstory underscoring the events of the role-playing game.

In one city 

Scholar Eirik Hazn conjured a spell to link with Earth, studying the Hubble Space Telescope's famed black hole data.

Where to download Nasa Ttrpg?

The official 44-page gameplay manual is freely downloadable on NASA's website.

Playable with 4-7 players, but adjustments may be needed to fit this narrative into your chosen TTRPG system.

The lore is packed with nods to Hubble and NASA. For instance, Hazn shares initials with Edwin Hubble, the telescope's namesake astronomer.