Monopoly GO: Fountain Partners Rewards and Milestones Revealed

Monopoly GO has new events every day, including solo, leaderboard, and minigames. You can also join Partner Events for great prizes.

What's the duration of Monopoly GO's event?

Players can team up with four friends to reach milestones and win rewards. It started on April 6 and will end on April 11.

Milestone- 1 Points Required- 2,500  Reward- 200 Free Dice Rolls 

Monopoly GO Fountain Partners Rewards and Milestone

Milestone - 2 Points Required - 6,000 Rewards - Cash Prize Milestone - 3 Points Required - 13,000 Rewards  - 200-300 Free Dice Rolls, Cash Boost, Cash Prize

Milestones - 4 Points Required - 26,500 Rewards - 300-500 Free Dice Rolls, Three-Star Sticker Pack, High Roller Milestones - 5 Points Required - 32,000 Rewards - 400-600 Free Dice Rolls, Four-Star Sticker Pack, Sticker Boom for 15 Minutes, Cash Prize.

Reach board level five in Monopoly GO to unlock the Fountain Partners event. Once unlocked, gather four friends to spin the Partner wheel together and claim rewards.

How to Play Monopoly GO Fountain Partner

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