Minecraft Mace The new weapon everyone was waiting for is here in update 1.21

Minecraft players are in for a treat with new features, creatures, and blocks being added to the game!

Minecraft has a new mace weapon

Minecraft players can now explore trial chambers and encounter a new hostile mob called the breeze.

Minecraft Mace 

Players can up the damage of the mace by attacking mobs or other gamers from a higher position.

Jumping from a height and timing your mace hit just right delivers a powerful blow to the mob and cancels fall damage.

Crafting the mace in Minecraft

To craft the Mace, you need two items: Breeze rods from defeating the breeze mob and heavy core, a new block found in the vault.

Like other weapons in Minecraft, the mace loses durability with use.

Check how to craft Minecraft Mace Easily