Master Regice in Pokémon Go: Best Movesets for PvP and Raids

Regice will be available in Raids from?

From March 14, 2024, until March 21, 2024. Also This time, more trainers had the chance to catch one, making it an exciting opportunity for all.

Pokemon Go Regice best PvP moveset

Lock-On as a Fast Move and Blizzard as a Charged Move form Regice's top moveset for competitive battles.

Additionally, Earthquake and Thunder serve as excellent secondary moves for Regice, offering valuable coverage when needed in battles.

While Lock-On itself offers practically zero damage it is one of the best attacks for charging up more powerful moves and dealing more damage overall.

Pokemon Go Regice best Raid moveset

For PvE, Frost Breath and Blizzard excel, benefiting from STAB and dealing super effective damage to Ice-weak targets. Otherwise, Lock-On charges Blizzard swiftly.

Pokemon Go Regice best Raid moveset

Regular Regice may be outclassed by Pokémon like Beartic and Cryogonal, but Shadow Regice shines as a potent Ice-type attacker, rivaling even Mamoswine and Shadow Articuno.

While not top-tier, Shadow Regice remains competitive, justifying its use even in Pokémon Go's toughest challenges.