Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Confirmed for Free Download by PlayStation

While Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 didn’t win any game awards, it’s still a spectacular game and a must-play for anyone with a PlayStation 5,

If you’re yet to pull the trigger on buying the game, you’re in luck

you’ll soon be able to give Insomniac’s latest Spider-Man game a go for free as part of your PlayStation Plus Premium membership.

can we play Spider-Man game for free

What did PlayStation’s official Twitter account announced ?

PlayStation announced Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will join the Premium game line-up as a free trial.

So if you’re only subscribed to Extra or Essential you’ll need to upgrade to download the trial.

How long trial will last ?

Lasting 2-hours in total, the trial should give you a taste of everything the full-game has to offer

Alongside the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 announcement it was also revealed what changes are to be made to the rest of PlayStation Plus