Manor Lords Release Time Revealed

Manor Lords is a medieval city-builder and strategy game where you construct towns and lead real-time battles in 14th-century Europe. Build, battle, and rule.

Manor Lords has grid-free city-building, allowing organic medieval layouts. It's Steam's most-wishlisted game in early 2024, with over three million waiting for its release.

What's driving the hype for Manor Lords' release?

Manor Lords, initially slated for late 2023, was delayed to 2024 for more polish. Now, it's launching in Early Access on April 26, 2024, at 9 AM ET.

Release Date & Time For Manor Lords (Early Access)

– 6 AM PT (April 26) – 10 AM BRT (April 26) – 2 PM BST (April 26) – 3 PM CEST (April 26) – 3 PM SAST (April 26)

Manor Lords Release Times By Region

– 4 PM EAT (April 26) – 6:30 PM IST (April 26) – 9 PM CST (April 26) – 9 PM SGT (April 26) – 10 PM JST (April 26) – 11 PM AET (April 26)

Manor Lords offers historical accuracy with medieval-inspired city-building, using seasons, trade, and terrain to shape development, reflecting the organic growth of real medieval towns.

Manor Lords Gameplay Detail

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