Major LEGO Fortnite Feature Leaked Ahead of Official Announcement

It seems LEGO Fortnite might be receiving a significant new addition shortly after the game’s official launch on December 7, 2023.

What was there in leak by BeastFNCreative on Twitter

Epic is gearing up Island Codes for Custom LEGO Worlds, which will be playable like standard maps from Discover.

Island Codes, a fan-favorite feature in Fortnite, could potentially be included in LEGO Fortnite, given their popularity among players.

Expectation of players which game can implement

Epic could seize an opportunity to enhance LEGO Fortnite enemies, making them more intricate and challenging characters.

Including Island Codes in LEGO Fortnite would be a fantastic addition, enabling players to craft and exchange their own creations.

Island codes is game changer

Island Codes Could Be a Good Move on Epic’s Part

Implementing Island Codes could indeed be a smart move by Epic.