LEGO Animal Crossing Sets: First Look at the Adorable Crossover

Just before the launch, a sneak peek at every LEGO Animal Crossing set and the complete range assembled into one island has emerged online.

What's coming with the LEGO Animal Crossing release?

Exciting news! The latest LEGO Nintendo theme, LEGO Animal Crossing, is set to debut Nintendo minifigures on March 1st.

The new LEGO Animal Crossing sets have more features than expected, like hidden bells under rocks, a nod to the game.

Players with a bigger budget and a collection of Super Mario base pieces might be tempted by the impressive island.

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Creating your island

Every LEGO Animal Crossing set confirmed and rumoured for 2024

77046 Julian’s Birthday Party- $14.99  77047 Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities-$19.99

It's not as accurate to the games as the rock since you have to remove part of the tree instead of interacting with it directly.