Last Epoch Runemaster Best Build, Skills & gameplay tips

In Last Epoch, Mages wield immense damage potential, especially with the Runemaster Mastery. It introduces depth and offers diverse builds to cater to various playstyles.


Our build maximizes the Runemaster Mastery's damage output, utilizing multiple elements to unleash devastating Runic Invocation spells, obliterating foes across the battlefield.

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Runemaster Passive choice

Our Passive choices focus on the Runemaster and Mage trees, optimizing damage and elemental effectiveness. Additionally, we tap into the Sorcerer tree to enhance Intelligence, increasing Ward retention for added survivability.

This Runemaster build maximizes multi-element passives, empowering devastating AoE damage with Glyph of Dominion and Elemental Nova, while enhancing other abilities with elemental and ward boosts.

Last Epoch Runemaster Skills and tree breakdown

Given the abundance of armor items in Last Epoch, recommending specific ones is challenging, but for Unique options, the Box of Hydrae and the Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros stand out as top choices.

Runemaster gear

The Box of Hydrae offers buffs to Hydrahedron, which may not align perfectly with this build's needs. However, its benefits in Ward Retention and Runic Invocation level increase still make it a valuable addition.

Own specifications

The Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros grants 5%-8% of current health as Ward upon casting an Elemental spell. It also boosts all Elemental spell levels by +1 and reduces cast time significantly.