LA Noire-Style Detective Game Coming to PlayStation 5

L.A. Noire fans should watch out for Shadows of Doubt. While Rockstar Games is known for GTA and Red Dead, Shadows of Doubt offers a new detective experience.

In 2011, Rockstar published L.A. Noire, developed by Team Bondi. The game follows detective Cole Phelps in 1947 investigating a morphine distribution ring.

L.A. Noire: A Rockstar hit in 2011?

No official sequel to L.A. Noire exists. Shadows of Doubt might satisfy fans longing for a similar experience with detective gameplay.

Shadows of Doubt: Coming to PlayStation 5?

Shadows of Doubt impressed PC players last year with rave reviews. Now, it seems it's headed to PlayStation 5 soon.

Shadows of Doubt boasts a Very Positive 92% score on Steam. Players love its replayability and immersive experience.

The highly praised PS5 exclusive, Horizon: Forbidden West, will make its way to Steam next year, expanding its reach beyond consoles.

A stellar PlayStation 5 exclusive is finally headed to Steam

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