Kingmakers: A Medieval Combat Game with a Unique Twist Hits the Scene

What is kingmakers all about?

In Kingmakers, you play as a soldier from a dying future who must journey 500 years into the past to medieval England to alter a war's outcome and prevent a future apocalypse.

The Weaponary

The lead, unconcerned with conformity, arrives armed with modern weapons—assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, armored vehicles, and helicopters—to repel the knights back to Camelot.

Players will lead their own medieval army, seamlessly transitioning between a zoomed-out RTS-style view to issue commands to different units and a more action-oriented third-person shooting perspective.

Third person perspective:

Did you catch that Redemption Road Games claims that Kingmaker features armies fully simulated by a next-generation multithreaded A.I.?

How will it affect? Advantages they get from this.

This enables advanced pathfinding, decision-making, and a loyalty system, with a procedurally generated animation system breathing life into the mobs.

co-op feature :

Kingmakers also offer co-op for up to three players, each leading their own army to collaborate in besieging enemy fortresses or defending friendly strongholds.

When it launches on PC ?

It looks wild and is certainly a refreshing concept. We'll find out when it launches to PC via Steam sometime this year. States Redemption Road Games on an X post.