Is Resident Evil 6 worth playing on Switch?

You enjoyed those three fantastic games, and it seemed like Capcom had fixed any issues, making Resident Evil really good again. 

Run, Leon, Run in resident evil 6  

Resident Evil 6 has four campaigns, each showing a different part of the story. No one campaign tells the whole story.

Death, Where is Thy Stinger?

Resident Evil 6 has zombies and mutating enemies called J'avo (pronounced juh-wah-vo).

Is Resident Evil 6 worth playing Switch? 

Resident Evil 6 is worth playing on the Switch depends on your preferences and what you're looking for in a game.

The Nintendo Switch Difference

Since I didn't play Resident Evil 6 on PS3, I can't compare its original performance to the Switch version.

C plus Virus

Fans of the franchise likely anticipated some flaws and quirks in Resident Evil 6, which have roots dating back to Resident Evil 2.