How to Win Legendary & Ultimate Difficulties in FC 24

In EA Sports FC games, you don't have to play against tough teams, but in Squad Battles mode, facing Legendary or Ultimate teams earns you bigger rewards.

How to Win Legendary and Ultimate Matche

Push the opponent to the sidelines, blocking the middle. Keep your center-backs back and use defensive midfielders to press their strikers and wingers.

To beat Legendary and Ultimate opponents, try the 4-3-1-2 formation. It's balanced, letting your defensive midfielders join attacks while securing the center during defense.

The Best Formation

– Keep all defenders in the back—regardless of the position. – Ask your CDM to stay back and cover the center. – Let your Left and Right Midfielders join the attacks.

The Best Tactic

– Keep one attacker balanced. – Put one attacker on “Get in Behind.” – Let your center striker stay forward.

Involve CDMs in the attacks. Midfielders are valuable assets when playing against Ultimate AI. Send them forward in opposition, but keep them back in defensive mode. - Set your formation to 4-2-3-1.

Tips for Winning Ultimate AI

Push them wide. Keep the enemy in the corners. As long as they are away from the penalty arc, they are less likely to score. - Press with two defenders.   - Substitute often.

Tips for Winning Legendary AI

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