How to Unlock Korra in Fortnite Step by Step Guide

So, after Netflix's "Avatar: The Last Airbender" series, the next Avatar, Korra, joins Fortnite in the Myths & Monsters season.

How to get Korra 

Players can now play as Korra in Fortnite, and she can use water, earth, fire, and air powers. To unlock her, players need to complete several quests.

After getting the Chapter 5 Season 2 Battle Pass, players unlock Korra quests. They're in the quest tab of the menu or accessed by an interactive button on the in-game map. 

Complete Korra Quest

Jump into water anywhere on the map and jump out – Korra (Loading Screen)

1. Emerge from water (0/1)

2. Collect Mythic Items (0/4) 

Defeat Olympian Bosses or find Waterbending Scrolls and Zeus' Thunder Bolts to get mythic items/weapons in Fortnite.

To fight enemy players and NPCs, be the first off the Battle Bus and follow other players. Fighting Olympian Bosses with Minions also helps.

3. Damage opponents before the second storm circle (0/2,000)

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