How to transfer rainbow six siege account from ps4 to pc?

Rainbow Six Siege facilitates cross-progression across all platforms for virtually all in-game advancements.

Cross-progression in Rainbow Six Siege

Progress shared between PC and Luna, or between Xbox and PlayStation consoles:

1. Current Rank 2. Rank History 3. Skill MMR

How to transfer rainbow six siege account from ps4 to pc

To transfer your Rainbow Six Siege account from PS4 to PC, link your Ubisoft account on both platforms and contact Ubisoft support for assistance.

Yes, Battle Pass progress and Clearance Levels are shared across all platforms where you own the game.

Is Battle Pass progression and Clearance Level synchronization consistent across all platforms for Rainbow Six Siege players?

Your progress will prioritize the highest level you've achieved across compatible platforms. When switching platforms, ensure you log in with the same Ubisoft account to maintain continuity.

Measures to be taken:

- Some in-game content will also be shared across platforms. - Rainbow Six Siege also supports cross-play!