How to Successfully Move Your Base in Palworld

First of all can you really move your base and start fresh somewhere else?

The answer is yes! It's tiresome, but you are able to move your base to a new location.

Before you begin breaking down your old base, you'll first need to figure out Where Should You Move Your Base?

Where you want to move is up to you and what your base needs.For example, maybe  you want to be near resources like wood and stone or to be in a valley.

Now the question that arises is How To Move Your Base?

Go into the map, and, when you hover over the base icon, you'll get the Disassemble Palbox option.

Select that, and a box will come up telling you what is about to happen.

Select Yes and the Palbox will disassemble, and certain structures will automatically vanish as well.

Now go to the new location and build a Palbox to establish the new base.