How to Steal and Deliver the Tonberry King Crown FF7 Rebirth?

In the RPG Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, there are lots of extra tasks and challenging enemies to tackle alongside the main story.

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth 

You'll face a special challenge: defeating one of the series' famous monsters, the Tonberries!

Finding and fighting the Tonberry King

To find the Tonberry King in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, scan four Lifespring crystals in the Corel Region to reveal his location on your map.

Finishing the region's toughest Fiend Intel challenge reveals "Classified Intel: Heavy Lies the Crown" icon on your map near the coast.

Steal the crown, step one: Pressure the Tonberry King

Pressuring the Tonberry King is all about timing. You’ll need to dodge, then strike with a powerful attack

Steal the crown, step two: Use Steal on the dropped crown

After dropping, the Tonberry King's crown becomes a target in battle. Choose it in the menu to ensure you steal from the crown, not the King.