How to set up a universal Pokémon randomizer?

The Pokémon series boasts a rich history of games since the mid-90s, captivating trainers across generations, with older titles cherished by enthusiasts to this day.

Randomizers, popular among Pokémon players, allow trainers to randomize in-game factors for fresh experiences, found in both ROM hacks and standalone programs.

Universal pokemon randomizer 

Fans who play Pokémon games from generations I - VII via emulation on PC can inject their ROM files with customized random parameters using tools like the Universal Pokémon Randomizer.

Best recommendation

Trainers commonly rely on the Pokémon ZX Randomizer to add randomized features to their gameplay.

How to randomize Pokemon games on PC. Using the ZX randomiser on:

1.Download a blank ROM file of your desired Pokémon game for randomization. 2.Download the ZX Randomizer from its official GitHub page by clicking on PokeRandoZX's .zip file.

3.Once the zip file is downloaded, unzip it using your file archive tool. 4.Then select the launcher corresponding to your OS.  5.Choose the blank game rom you want to randomize. 

6.Use tabs and checkboxes to select parameters for injecting into the ROM file and randomize it. 7.Click the "Randomize" (or "Save") button to save your ROM file after making your selections.