How to play Bonky The Clown? Tips and Tricks for Rec Room.

About bonky rec room

The game needs 5 players to start and features its own tier and voucher system for unlocking carnival costumes and snacks.

– Repair 3 generators. – Heal and help friends. – Escape, earn XP and level up!

How to Play As a survivor

Generator repairing

To fix a generator, tap on a stool. Sitting on it raises the progress.Aim for light or dark green on the dial. Light green is a "critical success."


Survivors have a stamina bar for running, sliding, climbing small obstacles, and jumping. Save stamina when not in danger.


If a Survivor can't escape by running, they can enter one of the many bathroom stalls.


Some Survivors, like all wounded individuals, may need a patch-up after being struck by a giant squeaky hammer.